“Across oceans and time, we all share art, music, and humanity.”


     - Mr. Carter

All over the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, community leaders, business owners, artists, and representatives are dedicating their resources to nurturing the artistic culture of our community, specifically within our children.

When the age gap is too wide, art connects people ...

When the racial difference is too apparent, art connects people ...

When the communication between the sexes is too confusing, art connects people ...

When the language barrier is too insurmountable, art connects people.

We are putting together a music festival to celebrate the power of art.  We're going to use that power to amass resources for, and raise the awareness of, organizations and programs specifically for our kids that focus on art    and  music while strengthening the character of one, and the community of all.

Become part of our community, and part of the machine that will keep our humanity strong.

Copyright 2019 RazeWunUP Arts & Humanities Music Festival

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